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Since 1996, Unipac focuses its strategic goals in the plastic transformation segment and in supplying systemic results of goods and services to its partners. Its aim is to promote innovative solutions that integrate services and technologies of polymerase applications, adding value to the chain.

It is a reference to national and international companies and it is considered one of the most complete industry in the country, for executing eight processes in its plant: blow, injection, structured foam injection, extrusion, vacuum molding, rotational molding, rubber and ceramics.

It performs in the following specialties:

  • » Packages for chemical, agrochemical and food industries.
  • » Automobile and auto parts – technical components.
  • » Agricultural, animal husbandry and dairy products.
  • » Logistic solutions.
  • » Technical components made of rubber and ceramics for high technology industries.

Unipac is a Jacto Group company. It has four facilities in São Paulo state, two of them in house.

Plant Pompeia city


Plant Limeira city

Plant Pompéia: Rua Dr. Luiz Miranda, 1700 - Pirajá - 17580-000 - Pompeia / SP - Brazil - +55 (14) 3405 2100
Plant Limeira: Rodovia Eng° João Tosello (SP 147), 2870 - Dos Pires - 13486-264 - Limeira/SP - Brazil - +55 (19) 2113 1000
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