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The actions of Unipac are focused to attend the market and customers’ needs, which demand more responsibility in manufacturing the products and adopting the patterns and procedures, that increase productivity and lead to a conscious and responsible use of the natural resources.

To reach this quality level, Unipac directs constant investments in training and research, in the purchases of new equipments and tools, information technology, production and work methods, besides employees professional habilitation.

Quality in all stages

As part of its goal of providing innovative solutions and to keep the quality in all stages and processes, Unipac owns a test and experiment lab, in the company’s headquarters in Pompéia city, São Paulo countryside.

With a physical space of 330 m2, the laboratory makes attending the customers in is totality and develop, transform and test each product easier, suggesting weight, geometry, process options, the most adequate resin according to the item being produced and the best cost-benefit relation.

Tests and Scenes

All tests and assays realized at Unipac’s laboratory follows the current technical patterns specifications, among others they are:

  • » ISO
  • » ASTM
  • » JIS
  • » UN norm – for dangerous goods sea and land transport

Besides other specific ones of automobile and truck fields, or instructions determined by the customer.

According to each partner specifications, Unipac accomplishes, annually, layout inspections for following tools and processes behavior, performing the complete part dimensional and the study of the capability according to the development – attending ISO TS 16949/2002 norm.

Plant Pompéia: Rua Dr. Luiz Miranda, 1700 - Pirajá - 17580-000 - Pompeia / SP - Brazil - +55 (14) 3405 2100
Plant Limeira: Rodovia Eng° João Tosello (SP 147), 2870 - Dos Pires - 13486-264 - Limeira/SP - Brazil - +55 (19) 2113 1000
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