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Unipac is always ahead when it comes to quality. The company is certified by the norms ISO 9001:08 and by ISO TS 16949:09 being the latter specific for the automotive industry.

There are also products certifications, such as UM norm, which grants packages for transportation of dangerous products that, due to their physical and/or chemical properties, may offer risk to human life, to the environment, or even to the mean of transportation.

Because of its concern about the environment, declared in the Jacto Group principles, Unipac has its Environmental Management System certified according to ISO 14001:2004 norm, which allows to manage and guarantee economical and technological development of its activities, preserving the environment.

ISO 9001:08 Certificate ISO 14001:2004 Certificate ISO TS 16949:09 ISO TS 16949:09 Filial Borracha
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